Speech and Language Pathologists

SLP's are trained health care professionals that help people develop their communicative abilities as well as treat speech and language disorders, feeding problems, swallowing and voice disorders. Their services include prevention, identification, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation.
Speech and language pathology services are related services that include identifying and diagnosing speech and language disorders, as well as delivering speech and language therapy, counseling, and guidance.

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapists or PT's provide therapeutic services to individuals in order to develop, maintain, and restore maximum movement and functional capability throughout life.

Physical Therapy or PT is a related service that involves preventing or reducing movement difficulties and other related functional problems resulting from physical impairment or delay.Our physical therapists are highly trained and experienced. Evaluations and services are conducted at home or at school.

Occupational Therapists  

OT's are qualified professionals who assess and work with eligible individuals to enhance their ability to function and be successful in the negotiation of their environment. Occupational therapists can work on improving underlying sensory motor foundation skills, fine motor coordination, visual motor control, visual perception and activities of daily living.

Occupational therapy or OT services are related services associated with self-help skills, adaptive behavior, play, sensory motor, and postural development.

Occupational therapy services involve a functional evaluation of the student and the planning and use of a program of purposeful activities to develop or maintain adaptive skills. Occupational therapy services are designed to help individuals with disabilities achieve maximal functional capability in their daily life tasks.Occupational Therapy
Our occupational therapists will conduct comprehensive evaluations that will identify areas of weakness and design specific goals to address your child’s specific needs.

Biopsychosocial Intake
Our social workers provide a safe and therapeutic environment for you and your family. We provide family referrals and counseling services for children. We provide classroom and home observations to determine the behavioral, social, and emotional needs of each child. Our social workers also provide achievable goals to address specific concerns.

ABA Services
Exceptional provides customized care for individuals with autism, Asperger’s, PDD NOS and related disorders.  Assessing and diagnosing each child can assist in achieving the best results. Our ABA evidence-based methodologies are tailored to work with individuals with a range of needs.  During the ABA process, our analysts will employ objective data to drive their decision-making about the client’s individualized program. We will systematically apply behavior methods including treatment packages, and continue to closely monitor the progress of the intervention, making necessary changes if needed, to meet the needs of a successful outcome.

Parent Services and Consultation Offered
Weekly Parent Training and Workshops:

  • Understanding FAPE
  • Understanding Autism
  • Understanding the IEP Process
  • Family and individual In-Home ABA/VB Therapy
  • Functional Analysis Assessment & Functional Behavior Assessment
  • School and IEP Consultation
  • Functional Skill Acquisition & Social Skill Development
  • Education and training on ABA principles and best practices in working with a child
  • Intensive behavior,
  • Social skills and parent trainings
  • Negative Behavior Reduction, Intervention and Strategies
  • Activity Based Learning, Discrete Trial Training, and Natural Environment Teaching

Psycho-Educational Evaluations
Our psychologist will pinpoint the specific strengths and challenges affecting a student’s learning. By deeply understanding how students learn, we can provide strategies and support to improve academic performance, increase self-confidence and develop success in school and in life. Although our approach remains the same for all students, some of the details of our assessments vary depending on the age of the student.  Our comprehensive evaluations include the following elements:

Advance review of background materials, including parent, school, and student questionnaires; results of previous assessments; standardized test scores; school reports, medical history, and work samples.

  • Interdisciplinary, cross-battery cognitive and educational assessment
  • Psycho-educational testing (IQ and achievement batteries)
  • Medical examination, including review of neurological status
  • Hearing and vision screening
  • Screening for significant emotional difficulties that may affect learning
  • Immediate feedback and preliminary findings reported at time of assessment

Neuropsychological Evaluations
Neuropsychological Assessment is a comprehensive assessment of cognitive processes.

We can evaluate neurological or neurodevelopmental disorders, and understand the etiology and evolution of a disorder. Neuropsychology is the unique integration of genetic, developmental, and environmental history with testing data to better understand brain functioning. With a comprehensive assessment of a person’s cognitive and personality functioning, we can specify the origin and development of a disorder and customized recommendations.  Our Neuropsychologist will provide comprehensive evaluations to determine the most accurate diagnosis and create a specific treatment plan for your child specific needs.

After school Program for children with Autism

 Our after school program is geared towards children with Autism. We have proven Methodologies  that will increase
your child's academic, social and emotional well being.

College And Career Readiness
By providing social, emotional, and educational support services to children in middle and high school, students become equipped to take on the challenges they may face in college.

We take great pride in customizing our evaluation approach for each student with whom we work. Please contact us to discuss your family’s specific situation.

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